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Conference Schedule
Wednesday, January 2
6:30 pm - Welcome and Singing

7:10 pm - Genesis: Foundations for Missions

Thabiti Anyabwile

8:30 pm - Joshua: Call to Salvation and Surrender

Richard Chin

9:25 pm - Panel: Why CROSS?

Thursday, January 3
9:30 am - Announcements and Prayer

10:00 am - Samuel, Kings, & Chronicles: The Greatness of God's Glory

Kevin DeYoung

11:00 am - Psalms: The Beauty of God's Love

Zane Pratt

7:30 pm - Why the Poor Need Churches More Than Charity

Mez McConnell

8:00 pm - Prophets: The Need for Repentance

Mack Stiles

8:40 pm - Evening content will not be livestreamed to protect the work of individuals serving in closed countries

Friday, January 4
9:00 am - Announcements and Singing

9:40 am - The Gospels: The Commission of Christ

J.D. Greear

10:45 am - Panel: The Role of the Church in Missions

11:15 am - Acts: The Power of the Spirit

Conrad Mbewe

7:00 pm - Announcements and Singing

7:25 pm - Missions Isn't So Glorious, But Jesus Is

D. Glenn (audio-only to protect identity)

8:00 pm - Panel: Mobilizing Senders

8:55 pm - Romans: The Necessity of Missions

John Piper

Saturday, January 5
9:00 am - Announcements and Singing

9:15 am - 1 Corinthians-Jude: The Significance of the Church

Trip Lee

10:00 am - Panel - Next Steps

10:45 am - Revelation: The Urgency of Eternity

David Platt

11:45 am - Prayer, Singing, Closing

All times listed are Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Previous Sessions
Wednesday Teaching & Worship

Teaching from Thabiti Anyabwile, Richard Chin, and a panel discussion

Thursday Morning Teaching & Worship

Teaching from Kevin DeYoung and Zane Pratt

Thursday Evening Teaching & Worship

Teaching from Mez McConnell and Mack Stiles

Friday Morning Teaching & Worship

Teaching from J.D. Greear and Conrad Mbewe

Friday Evening Teaching & Worship

Teaching from D. Glenn and John Piper and a panel discussion

Saturday Morning Teaching & Worship

Teaching from Trip Lee, David Platt, and a panel discussion